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Adjustment Methods used by Chiropractors

June 16, 2019 - doc

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Methods of Chiro Adjustment used by Chiropractors

Chiropractic adjustment techniques follow the theory that our body has the ability to heal itself provided the right tools to do so. More than 100 chiro adjustment techniques are available, but there are few common ones that are used by practitioners. These techniques can provide unimaginable benefits that you might have thought are impossible to get without medications and proper treatments.

Given are some of the chiropractic adjustment techniques that most of the chiropractors follow to heal your body naturally:

Spinal Modulation:

Misaligned spinal components can cause restricted motion that result in pain. This pain can be reduced by spinal modulation technique. Also referred to as direct thrust technique, a chiropractor gives a low amplitude, high velocity thrust to the sufferer, that in turns encourage proper vertebral alignment and the pain is reduced. This is one of the most used chiro adjustment method that addresses spinal issues.

This technique usually does not involve any discomfort or pain to the patient. A chiropractor works with each patient to know how much pressure is to be exerted to reduce the pain.

Spinal Mobilization:

It is a more gentle form of spinal modulation. Instead of direct thrust, the patient is given gentle stretches by hand to reduce the pain in this technique.

This technique is more suitable to the patients suffering from osteoporosis. Although, the goal of both the techniques is same but the approach is different.

Indirect Positional Technique:

Uneven and too much muscle tone can be the cause of pain and tightness. Poor posture also leads to overly toned muscles.

The indirect positional technique is applied to ease the pain caused by uneven muscle tones. This technique of chiro adjustment corrects the hypertonic muscles of the patient. The chiropractor holds the joint of the patient in a neutral position and then applies a specific force on it. This force sometimes is applied to release the tightness of muscles and sometimes to lengthen them.

Functional Technique:

This chiro adjustment technique requires in-depth knowledge and practice before implementation to perform it effectively and safely. In this technique, the chiropractor targets the joints of the patient improve their overall mobility by making them free from restrictions.

The chiropractor applies a gentle force while moving the joint through its natural range of motion. Whenever a restriction is detected, the chiropractor holds the joint at that point until the restriction releases.

Logan Basic Technique:

This adjustment technique is used to reduce lower back stress and headaches. The chiropractor applies a gentle sustained pressure at the patient’s base of the spine. It helps to realign their rest of the bones. This, in turns, releases the pain. This technique is effective for both adults and children alike. This method also helps on restoring the balance by exerting the pressure.

Although most chiropractors advise against using these techniques at home, but a few common methods can be used to relieve the pain such as the use of ice cubes or heat on the affected area. But it is most recommended to see a chiropractor to permanently cure the illness.

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