Choosing a Chiropractor

Choosing a Chiropractor

May 19, 2019 - doc

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Choosing a Chiropractor

Selecting a Chiropractor that you are comfortable with and one whose technique suits you are important. Chiropractors use varying techniques and have different ways of treating patients so you will need to do a bit of research before choosing a Chiropractor that is best for you. The obvious choice is through a referral, be it from a friend or your primary care physician. Should that option not work for you there are a few ways to narrow down your search.

How to select your Chiropractor

To start pick up the phone. Yes, call the office and speak to the doctor and receptionists. Ask them the questions that are important to you. Are they friendly? Do they seem knowledgeable? These are all important questions that you can initially ask. What type of techniques or philosophies are used at the office is another good question when choosing a chiropractor.

The process of choosing a chiropractor

As with all healthcare professional you should perform a little background and credentials. What is their degree in and how long have they been practicing? A good place to look up their school is on the Council on Chiropractic Education’s website. Do they specialize in anything? Should you have a sports injury you may want to find a Chiropractor who has more experience in this area. You can also check to see if the Chiropractor has encountered any disciplinary action. For the State of Florida you can look that with the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine.

Basic questions on Chiropractic Techniques

After you feel comfortable with the Chiropractor you can ask a few questions on the techniques they use. What techniques do they use and why? Do they use their hands or an instrument when performing the chiropractic manipulation? Do they have any experience in your type of injury or pain? Are they going to use a deep joint-popping adjustment or a low-force adjustment procedure? All good questions that should give you a better understanding so you can choose your chiropractor.

Once you feel comfortable choosing a chiropractor you will be able to schedule your initial visit and be on the path to a healthier you.

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