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Back pain in the office

June 17, 2019 - doc

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Don’t Let Back Pain in the Office Affect Your Performance!

Office or workplace related back pain is a growing issue among the workforce today. Back pain in the office is the foremost reason most people visit a Chiropractor and the second reason for people missing days in the workplace. Only the common cold keeps more people from work. Statistic show that eight out of ten people will at some point have lower back pain and 1 in 4 currently live with it daily. The pain can cause shorter attention spans, poor sleep, reduced social interaction, headaches, among numerous other side effects.
Modern office jobs contribute to back pain

Sitting at desks all day has only increased the propensity for back pain. There are many factors which contribute to it suck as poor posture while sitting at a desk, holding a phone between your neck and shoulder, and just sitting for 8 or more hours a day. Throw in the time we spend sitting in our cars and on the sofa at home and we have a recipe for lower back problems.

Tips to help reduce the chances of lower back pain

  • Get up and move every once in a while
  • Use correct posture while sitting
  • Buy an ergonomic chair. While more expensive they will pay for themselves in short time
  • Using a headset for your phone can help if you are on it for extended periods of time
  • Strengthen your core. This will keep your back in a healthy state
  • ¬†Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight can exert additional force upon your spine, leading to back pain
  • Keep your monitor at arms length and at eye level. This prevents you from leaning over, which eventually leads to¬† back issues.

Lets face it, you only have one spine. Taking a few simple steps will help reduce your chances of back pain. Should you begin to experience back pain though, please contact your local chiropractor before it gets worse.


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